laser cutting stencils

We can supply stencils for all kinds of uses. A common use is a "spray painting stencil" for a company logo or phone number etc. This can be painted onto a product or wall.

I can cut card, plastic or paper for stencil material, you choose. We can also get laser adhesive stickers that take the painting out of the equation as another more costly option.

Artwork Guidelines

Here are some guidelines if you want to send us artwork. Please check them off before sending us files.

  • Will the middle of the O's and A's fall out when the artwork is cut? Is this your intention? If not make sure you put in some joiners to hold this part in place like this.


  • File types. The laser cutter only cuts lines (vectors) its does not cut black areas (these can be engraved). Send us files that are lines only. Example formats are .CDR .DXF .PDF .EMS .AI the finished artwork might look like this.


  • Draw a boarder around your artwork. This will also be cut. Make it the right size so the over-spray is controlled and does not get in the wrong places
  • Add one dimension to your artwork so we know we are cutting it to the right size.
  • Each sheet should be no larger than 810mm x 450mm. Note that you can join sheets together for large jobs. This also means it actually fits in your car for transport too.