Dyson Sales on Auckland's North Shore

Mairangi Bay

Refurbished, Washed and Guaranteed

We always have various Dyson upright and cyclinder vacuum cleaners in stock. These have been thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned. Most have a new motor filter, Every sale is electrically certified.

This web page is very rarely up to date as we move stock on a regular basis. Give us a call to see what machines we can offer you.

In our professional "opinion" we believe the older Dyson were of a more solid construction. As our saying goes "an old Dyson is the best Dyson"


If you have a Dyson you want to trade-in then we would be very happy to discount your purchase using your trade-in.


DC08 Origin:  Classic reliable

Comes with all attachments (3). This has a new high power motor and two new filters. This machine runs like a brand new one. It has the classic head but is compatible with turbo heads.

Comes with a two year electrical cert and a 90 day money back guarantee.






DC14:  This is one of the best uprights ever made.

Comes complete with all attachments and fresh motor.

Simply one of the best Dysons. Has a large bin and cleaning power that can only achieved with an upright vac. The upright models with their power brushes powered by the vac motor out performs any barrel model. Your maintenance cost will be lower too as you wont have to replace the head unit as with barrel models ($150). Its 17ft hose it gives easier reach for ceilings and stairs. A model that provides thorough and easy cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner with cyclonic design ensures powerful, consistent suction, Dyson is the only vac with cylone tubes to enhance suction beyond the normal capability of the motor . Ask what is the air watts of the vac (real measure of suction power). The Dyson has the best air watts, double that of other vacs.

Bag-free dirt collection provides hygienic emptying by single release trigger.

Long-lasting filtration system with HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly

Simply the best vac for pet hair.














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If you want a DC07 or DC08 we have them in stock too, call us!

I am not Mark the "Dyson Doctor" but these keywords will always help.